Greater Philadelphia Men's Adult Baseball League 

 2008 Rosters 

Players can print and fill out the GPMABL Roster Form and the MSBL Waiver Form and mail them along with league fees to the League Commissioner at:
2303 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146



ACCORDING TO LEAGUE RULES -- 3.l.To qualify for playoff play, a player must appear (get credit for appearing in a league game in the official league statistics as a pitcher, batter, or runner) in six league games.  The official league Season Statistics will determine appearances to for playoff eligibility.  Any manager may appeal to have a player who has not appeared in six league games declared eligible for playoff play by majority vote of league managers. Highlighted Players are not eligible for playoff play.






James Nix (30) 1B U
Dan Beerhalter (24) C 2B
Christopher Boyle (23) SS
Mike Carfagno (27) 3B DH
James Casey (24) 1B 1B
Mitch Colletto (28) C U
Kevin Conklin (26) OF 1B
Jim Diorisio (23) 1B 3B
Carl Gibbs (22) P SS
Keith Gorman (27) SS P
Rob  Harvey (23) P OF
Chris Kestner (27) 3B P
John Lee (32) P 3B
Chris Macias (26) U 2B
Sam Miller (25) 2B SS
Jeff  Monaco (24) 3B SS
Dave Polgar (23) C OF
Sal Raie (27) 1B OF

Wayne Robinson (24) 1B 3B
Gerry Sassee (23) P OF
Pat Sowers (44) P U
Marcus Spero (34) CF CF
Mike Stott (25) 2B 3B
Brian Ward (26) LF 2B
Jeremy Wilkerson (32) P

Mike Young (23) C 3B

Mike Johnston (31) C OF
Jaesha Benjamin (23) 3B 1B
Mark Bormann (20) P OF
Brandon Copeland (31)
Nick DeFeo (29) P 2B
Jason Devlin (19) IF OF C
Mike Devlin (21) IF P
John Ditzler (35) P 2B
Geoff Dreyer (36) P OF
John Fugett (22) P
Dan Gavlick (24) OF P
EJ Goldstein (26) OF IF
Jake Grauel (22) C OF IF
Doug Howard (20)
Tony Juliano (25) 3B 1B OF
Lee Middleberg () C P
Derrick Morgan (31) 3B
Carlos Pagan, Jr (23) SS OF 
JP Petrilla (25) P
Eric Price (28) 1B 
Carl Prushinski (37) 2B 3B
Mike Ruggiero (27) 1B SS P
Bill Rush (30) P OF IF
Justin Tillinghast (34) OF 
Cirilo Victoria (22) 2B OF
Jason Weckesser (27) OF   

Chris Joswick (35) SS
Kennon Adair (27) OF 
Jason Aleman (25) P 
Chris Cassell (24) OF
Jonathan Doyle (23) P 
Andrew Dunn (21) SS OF P
Ben Frasch (23)
Jesse Frash (26) 2B 
Jordan Hottenstein (25) 3B 
Brian Hrding (24) P 
Mark Joswick (32) 1B
Harry Kauffman (33) P 
Mike Maley (28) P 
Tim Rinaldi (21) OF
Mike Sabol (29) C 
Buck Schaaf (23) 3B P OF
Dave Schmidt (30) 1B
Kevin Snow (32) P 
Ryan Young (24) OF 

Seth Brunner (30) P OF
David Brownback (24) C 
Patrick Carney (23) 3B 
Kevin Crowding (23) OF SS
Mike Duffin (32) CF P
Andrew Fraser (23) P 
Chad Gray (19) SS

Eric Harter (33) INF 
Jeremy Jacobs (26) 1B 3B
Dave Jerdon (36) 1B OF
Ben Jones (19) P OF
Tyler Lidstone (21) P
Daniel Madonna (29) 3B C
Jon Meister (23) 1B P
Joe O'Leary (22) SS 
Parker Stanhagen (25) INF 
Nate Tolvaisa (30) 1B 3B
Daniel Wilson (23) C INF OF
Adam Wisniewski (23) OF 

Anthony Bueti (30) 1B C
Mike Bernabe (23) OF/1B
Richard Callahan (38) C 1B
Ian Downes (32) P  C
Baron Ferguson (22) C OF
Brian Fisher (30) C 2B
Jim Gillin (24) C 1B

Russell Krause (23) IF P OF
Scott Leusner (39) 2B SS 3B
Charles Lovell (30) P IF
Jason McDonald (31) 2B SS
Bryan McKernan (33) OF 1B
Ken Racowski (31) 1B 3B
Jacob Schulz (28) 3B OF
Mike Sippel (33) OF 3B SS
Shane Strawn (37) OF 
Suresh Swaminathan (26) 2B
Chris Vecsey (26) P 1B
Adam Virant (32) OF 
Ian Wallace (25) OF SS
Ryan Whitmarsh (28) 3B SS








Matt Gionta (25) 2B 
Daniel Benner (25) C 
Bryan Bezdikian (27) LF P
DeWitt Brown (32) OF IF
Scott Colmyer (25) C 3B
Keith Curley (36) SS 3B 2B
Dana Erb (26) P 1B

James Freeman (28) P SS
Spencer Graves (25) IF C OF
Jeremy Honaker (30) 3B SS
Tom Jackson (33) OF/P
Mitch Leff (24) 1B 
Brett Leibhart (26) P OF 1B
Brett Mandel (38) 2B 
Andrew Marcus (21) IF P
Phil Motley (25) P OF 1B
Kyle Riley (20) OF 1B P
Adam Scioli (35) 1B OF
Jonathan Sgro (22) IF
Jared Shelly (27) OF 
Zach Stimely (23) P 1B OF
Rafi Wilson (31) OF SS

Billy Mason  (29) 1B 
Rick Bates  (21) C 
Doug Biernacki (37) 1B
Ari Bluestein  (24) P 
Frank Busillo  (20) P 
Carlos Collado  (20) OF 
Rob Cowie  (22) OF 
Fran Ehly  (23) P 
John Flannagan  (25) P
Steve Gallo  (24) 3B 
Dennis Geiger  (28) P 
Bill Ginley  (21) OF 
Neil Herman  (24) OF 
Ron Hirsch  (33) C 
Joe Juliano  (29) 1B 
Willie Liggins  (22) SS 
Jeff Montagano  (29) P 
Adam Oddo  (23) OF 
Rip Roscioli (29) 2B
Luis Selles  (20) 2B 
Brian Simon  (27) OF 
Mike Szelgowski  (22) P 
Mike Thompson  (22) P

Brett Hiett (33) SS P C
Bret Binder (27) P  
Ted Crawford (46) 2B 
Craig Denlinger (24) SS P
Kyle Dennis (28) C 
Brian Freiland (26) 3B SS
Mark Golato (23)
Eric Guise (25) P 3B OF
Jason Hale (32) 1B 
Bill Johnson (29) 3B 
Doug Kugler (28) 1B 3B
Steve McDermet (22) 2B SS
Pat McDonnell (28) OF P
Brian Oliver (25) OF 
Javar Rochester ()
Ian Savitz (27) OF P
Jarreau Thomas (26) OF 2B
Matt Timmons (27) IF 
Carl Trainer (18) SS 2B
Jason Williams (27) OF 
Bryan Withrow (27) OF 

Kris Sharp (35) Utilility
Shawn Chaitlin (21) P
Joshua DeBeary (25) SS 3B
Chris Drobish (24) 3B 
Michael Fein (33) OF SS P
Danny Graf (23) OF 
Ryan Hays (23) IF P
Chris Kloepfer (25) OF P
Joe Knecht (21) OF 
Nate Maxwell (26) SS 2B
Anthony Nelson (27) P 1B OF
Ken O'Connell (33) IF 
Joe Onorato (20) C 
Drew Perel (24) 1B OF
Andrew Raymond (18) C 
Dave Rosen (24) P 
David Rushoven (25) 3B 
C.J. Ryan (23) SS  OF P
Carter Schauf (25) 1B 3B C
George Thibeault (24) 1B OF
Kevin Vuernick (26) P OF

Brian Sharma (30) 1B 3B P
Esteban Cabrera (29) IF 
Gerald Augustin (20) OF 
Jon Baker (24) 3B 2B P
Bryan Bechtel (30) All 
Nick Cataldi (22) IF 
Tom Crilley (25) 2B OF IF
Ryan Golderer (23) OF 
Lucas Hardison (28) OF P
Bryant Harmon (25) P 3B OF
Devin Hotsko (36) OF P 1B
Joe McCabe (27) SS P OF
Zach Milch (28) 2B 
James Neusch (36) OF 
Justin Newman (28) 1B OF
Phil Orzechowski (28) C OF
Sal Ruggieri (23) C 
Craig Solomon (21) P SS
Jimmy Viscanti (25) P OF

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