Greater Philadelphia Men's Adult Baseball League 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the GPMABL apart from other local leagues? 

The GPMABL makes playing Sunday baseball a treat for players age 40+.  We play on the best college and high-school fields and are organized to avoid the forfeits and financial issues that plague other leagues.  You will be proud to have friends and loved ones come out to watch you play GPMABL baseball.

How much does it cost to play? 

Estimated cost per player each year is $325. The total due may be reduced by various sponsorships and fundraisers. Uniforms for new players and team dues will cost about $75-100. 

When does the money have to be paid? 

All fees are usually due before the start of the season (March). 

How many games do you play? 

The total will vary slightly from year to year depending on our league schedule, but each team should play about 17-18 games. The league will also support efforts to send teams to holiday-weekend or post-season tournaments. 

Where are the games played? 

The league will use fields in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. In recent years, games have been played at fields used by the Wilmington Blue Rocks, Cabrini University, Villanova University, Chestnut Hill College, and Father Judge High School.  The league also expects to hold its All-Star Game at the home of a local major or minor league team. 

When are the games played? 

We will play Sunday evenings from April through the end of August, except on major holiday weekends like Mothers’ Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Starting times for the games will be set at the beginning of the season.

What is the name of the league? 

Greater Philadelphia Men's Adult Baseball League, which is affiliated with the national Men's Senior Baseball League (MSBL) and Men's Adult Baseball League (MABL).  For more information about the national MSBL and MABL (this will take you to the MSBL/MABL site and away from the GPMABL home page), click here.

How do you get your players? 

We recruit players from a variety of sources, including social media and word of mouth. We will hold tryouts early each spring and then draft players for league teams. We will also maintain a list of interested players so that teams can add a player or two during the season. 

What is the level of competition? 

The league has many former high school and college players as well as a few younger players who still have dreams of playing professionally. Pitchers generally throw in the 70s with moderately effective breaking pitches, but some throw fastballs in the 80s and can throw breaking pitches for strikes at will. In general, the good players make all the routine plays and hit straight fastballs a long way.  The league uses only wood bats.

What do I do if I'm interested in joining? 

We are always looking for new players. Just fill out the electronic registration form by clicking here.

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